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Gliding Discs - Concorde (set of two)

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Product Description

Gliding discs may look small, but they are mighty. They can help you improve your full body strength, balance and coordination.  


These Concorde Gliding Discs are double sided for versatility and work on both carpet and hard floors. From lunges to squats to upper body exercises, users can easily target specific muscle groups.  


Suggested Exercise

Side Leg Slides: Using Gliders can help improve pelvic balance and stability, improve your core (back and abdomen), glute and leg strength 


Beginners: repeat 3-5 per leg; only glide your leg out a few inches; do not over extend. Movements may feel small, but you'll feel them the next day!


Progression: increase your repetitions, glide your leg out further, glide your leg backwards and/or frontwards.


Exercise Instructions with Images: 

Stand with both feet on gliders, with the majority of your weight on one chosen foot/leg
Keeping your hips aligned and straight, "glide" one foot sideways a few inches; "glide" your foot back in and repeat on the other side