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April & May Feature Female: Nadya

Meet Nadya. She has lived a full 66 years, with big plans for years 67++!

Nadya has paved an unconventional path for herself since her early adult years. Born in South Africa, educated in Canada and Austria, she started her career in Antigua and Venezuela, focused in hospitality. In 1989, Nadya and her young family settled in Morriston, Ontario, where she opened a retail store that sold Canadian goods but also Chinese wedding armoires, altar tables and kilim rugs.

At 46, Nadya made a bold move. She went back to school to obtain a teaching certificate and embarked on the next chapter of her career: teaching English to International students!  For 18 years, Nadya progressed in her career, not only as an ESL teacher but also as a manager who influenced ESL programs. Even in retirement, Nadya is reminded of her legacy. Just a couple months ago, she was approached by a waiter who thanked her for her teaching and guidance when he came to Canada from Colombia.

Nadya continues to write her story well into her retirement (literally and figuratively). Her love of art and culture have influenced the renovations she and her husband have made on their century home. She is passionately exploring painting, a newfound talent that occupies her days and gives her meaning and fulfillment, especially during Covid-19 lockdowns (IG: @NadyaPaints). Next up for Nadya? Co-writing a book with her husband about their adventures in the Venezuelan Amazon, visiting her daughter in Germany, and… enjoying good food and conversations with friends and family around the dinner table!

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