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Celebrating Unlimited Female Entrepreneurs: Emily Rapley, founder of Body by Rapley

Emily Rapley founded Body by Rapley (BBR) in response to the Covid-19 lockdowns. As a professional dancer, Emily found herself underemployed when the lockdowns began so she quickly pivoted her career to embrace another love of hers: Barre fitness. After months of sharing almost daily live complimentary classes on Instagram, Emily launched BBR, a virtual fitness community, in September 2020. Now she’s gaining more followers every week and building a resilient community of participants who join for her live classes and growing library of on-demand workouts. 

What is Barre Fitness?

Barre classes are fun, upbeat and energizing! Done to the beat of the music, originating from dance we challenge our balance, stability and flexibility. Don’t worry, I am with you the whole way! We strengthen deep into our muscles, doing high reps of movement with light weights or just our body weight. Always starting with low impact options and working our way up, we focus on quality movement and learn how to push ourselves in individually sustainable ways.

Emily’s inspiration

Ultimately, it is everyone who has ever taken a class of mine. My inspiration to start this business are the people who take classes with my crazy self! I never thought I would be starting a business amidst a pandemic but, here we are! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Try a class!

BBR has several membership plans, starting from $10/class to monthly memberships starting at $30 (Home | Body by Rapley). Emily also posts short – but tough – complimentary workouts on her Instagram (@emrapley.moves) 

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