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Make Audacious Dreams & Goals A Reality - Introducing Nicole Gallucci

Nicole has been working in the marketing industry for 30+ years. She started her career working in Brand Management at Nestle, escalated to managing a Joint Venture for Nestle and Coca-Cola and then she co-founded BOOM! Marketing.

Nicole now guides emerging organizations and those in need of a refresh from a strategic and operations perspective. Her vast knowledge of General Management, Marketing and Operations poises her to turn stagnant organizations, brands and startups into profitable, sustainable ventures. Given her passion for marketing and specifically experiential marketing, Nicole coined the term Adversperience and wrote a book on the topic which is in the process of being turned into a textbook. She also serves on Boards, teaches at the Post Graduate level, guest writes for various publications including the Globe & Mail Leadership Lab and speaks globally on the importance and implementation of marketing and organizational strategy in ever changing times.

All the above said, Nicole’s true passion lies in leveraging the experience and training from the above endeavours into helping women in their “2nd Chapter” achieve their goals and dreams. As women, we often put our passions on the shelf while creating homes, careers, raising families,…In our “2nd Chapter”, while we have achieved much, there is a spirit of discontent within us, an aching for more.

Now is our time. While older, we are bolder, wiser and aware. Nicole guides women through a process she has re-engineered from her years in business and as a Professor to unlock our discontent and make our ambitions a priority. Find out more at Nicole Gallucci

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