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What I Love About Myself by Nicole Gallucci

What I love about myself. 

What is your response as you read these words?
Are you eager to make the list and rhyme off what you love?
Or are you offended at the thought?

I work with people to help them clarify their goals, dreams, mission/purpose and then create action plans to achieve them. And I find it interesting that whenever I ask them what they love about themselves there is an awkward silence.

We so easily list off our flaws yet, we reluctantly share what we love.
Many great leaders speak openly about what they love about themselves.
It is not because they are cocky and lack humility but rather they have the confidence to transparently share. They know and honour their magic.

So I beg of you to take the time to write down what you love about yourself.

Within it lies your magic.

And acknowledging it puts a skip in your step and puts a healthy glow on your cheeks. 

I think as we age we not only gain more acceptance for ourselves in total but we also gain some pleasure in that what makes us “special”. 

I no longer apologize for my childlike wonder, my rose coloured glasses, my love of puttering my love of books, my blue eyes, tender heart, intuitive prowess and magical knowing,…I could go on. I am actually getting good at the list. But then again I love lists! 

So fall in love with you and note all that is remarkable – there is so much to love.


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