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Stability Ball, Strength, Anti-Burst

CoreFX Stability Ball

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Product Description

Stability balls are great for core strength as well as balance and flexibility. You can use them alone or add weights to help build upper body strength. 


  • Heavy-duty, 300 kg (600 lbs.) anti-burst rating
  • Available in 55cm and 65cm diameter sizes
  • Made of non-toxic vinyl
  • 100% free from latex, lead and phthalates

Suggested Exercise

Active sitting (for first time users): Stimulate vestibular system, improves balance; strengthens core muscles


Progression: Try lifting one leg and maintain balance and posture; Move ball in all directions using pelvis only, keep core engaged to stabilize torso


Exercise Instructions with Images: 


Practice sitting with proper posture; hold onto a solid surface (table, couch) if you need balance support 
Roll ball side to side, front to back while maintaining posture and balance