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Hand Weights
Hand Weights
Hand Weights
hand weight blue 2 pounds
Hand Weights
Hand Weights

Hand Weights

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Product Description

These weights are a staple to any workout.  With a range of sizes, these can be used as you start your workout routine for the first time or as you build on your existing training.

  • Protective neoprene coating is designed to help maximize safety and comfort with use
  • Sizes from 2Ibs to 15 Ibs.

Suggested Exercise

Single arm curl & press: Improves shoulder and arm strength; helps maintain functional strength and strong postures.


Beginners: repeat 3-5 for each arm at a low weight


Progression: increase your repetitions, increase your weights, simultaneously alternate the weights (pulley-press) 


Exercise Instructions with Images: 

With your palm facing in toward body, bend one arm at the elbow
When the dumbbell reaches your shoulder, push up towards ceiling; keep your shoulder level/down
Release and repeat other side