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Medicine Ball 4 Ibs Purple
Medicine Ball 6Ibs blue

Merrithew Medicine Ball (4lb & 6lb)

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Product Description

Take your workout up a notch with the Medicine Ball.  By using this weighted accessory, you will improve coordination, balance and cardiovascular endurance. Medicine Balls are great for athletic conditioning and general strength training, as well as strengthening your core, upper and lower body.


These textured and durable rubber-surface Medicine Balls offer maximum grip and control. 

Suggested Exercise

Ball Slam on Floor: Improve cardio fitness, hand-eye-coordination, reaction time, and increases upper body strength


Beginners: Repeat 5-8 times at a low weight


Progression: Increase weight and repetitions 


Exercise Instructions with Images: 

Stand with good posture, feet wider than your shoulders; Hold the medicine ball with both hands, above your head 
With your knees slightly bent and your back straight, SLAM the medicine ball onto the ground; Catch, and repeat